Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorber illustration

The shock absorber is installed between the car body and the tire, along with a spring. Elasticity of a spring damp shocks from road surface, however,it causes vehicle to vibrate due to its resilience characteristics. The part serves to damp shocks is referred to as a"shock absorber", and viscous resistance force is referred to as "damping force".

Shock absorbers are a critical product that determines an automobile's character, not only by improving ride quality but also by functioning to control the attitude and stability of the vehicle.

Illustration of a Shock Absorber

SHOWA's Approach

SHOWA develops lightweight dampers using high-tension materials to improve ride quality and fuel performance. For further comfort improvements, we also develop oil seals that control resistance during damper operation. Based on the functional integration of advanced performance of each component part, SHOWA develops suspension modules for high-added value.


3D rendering image of a shock absorber


illustration of a shock absorber


Double wishbone suspension

  • High level of design freedom of alignment
  • Damper hampers the effects of side force

User in many sports cars and luxury cars.

Illustration of Shock Absorber Double wishbone suspension


Picture of Conventional Double-wishbone Shock absorber

Double-tubed construction filled wish low pressure nitrogen gas. This type of shock absorber is supple and provides stable riding comfort.

Conventional Double Wishbone Shock Absorber Technical Illustration

Conventional Details

  • Double-tubed construction with a tube and cylinder.
  • With a hight level of freedom in attaching exterior parts to the tube.
  • Easy to serve damper stroke.

Pressurized isolation

Picture of Pressurized Isolation Shock absorber

Single-tubed construction filled with separate by free piston gas chamber filled with nitrogen gas. It provides a superb response as well as helps to reduce the weight of the car.

Technical Illustration of an pressurized isolation shock absorber

Pressurized isolation type Details

  • The inner wall of the tube serves as the cylinder.
  • Since the piston valve size can be enlarged, easy to obtain high level of response.
  • Heat dissipation is superb.
  • Structurally, no restriction on the angles of installation. (can also be installed upside down.)


Strut suspension


  • Fewer parts for lighter weight.

Widely used in medium size and compact cars.


Picture of Conventional Strut Shock Absorber

Double-tubed shock absorber with a function as part of the surpport structure of the suspension. Like the double wishbone type, it is a shock absorber filled with low-pressure nitrogen gas that is supple and provides stable riding comfort.

High rigidity inverted type

Product image of an high rigidity inverted shock absorber

Structurally, this is a single-tube type placed upside down. In case of structs bears a heavy load from the vehicle body, however, this type of shock absorbers with large-diameter pipe provide sufficient rigidity.

Separately mounted spring (rigid axle, etc.)

Unit Damper

Picture of an unit damper

Unit damper

Because the spring is mounted separately, this type features a simple structure comprised of a damping mechanism only.